Christmas Candy Recipes Part 3

We came to the final element of our series on Christmas candy recipes. Hope you’ve enjoyed my previous recipes on caramel popcorn and hard candy so far. candy crush game download for pc We will look at Peanut Patties today to accomplish your candy menu. Much like popcorn and hard candy, peanut patties was chosen for the ease of preparation and yet delicious sweet taste. Without further ado, here’s the thing you need to complete:

Step One – Lay a Cookie Tray

Prepare a dessert tray and lay some cookie sheets or baking paper over it. Grease the surface only a little with the addition of some oil. This is obviously, to avoid your peanut melts from staying with the surface because it is impossible to remove once it does.

Step Two – Heating

Create a mixture of 2 cups sugar, 1 cup water, and cup corn syrup in a glass bowl. Ensure you are utilizing glass and not plastic as we are sending it to the microwave oven soon. Stir the mixture until it blends then place to the microwave oven for heating. Observe the mixture and take it off from the oven once it boils

Step Three – Roasting

Add it in about 1 cups of crushed peanuts. Put it to the microwave oven again and set it to a temperature of approximately 240 Fahrenheit. Check to see if the mixture is ready by transferring a shed into tap water. When it solidifies only a little right into a roundish ball like shape, then you’re able to switch off the heat and remove from the oven.

Step Four – Add Flavorings

The last step is to create some flavour for the patties. Add a few drops of food coloring (your own discretion), 1 teaspoon of vanilla and 1 teaspoon of butter. Stir hard and well until it settles right into a nice foamy layer. Leave it to cool completely and prepare yourself for serving!

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