Why should you delegate to a company the management of your Google Adwords account?

Who is managing your Google Adwords account? Are you doing your best so that every Euro you invest has a return? Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the smartest way to invest in advertising: it can be measured and monitored accurately.

Once someone said: ” If I had only one dollar, I would invest it in advertising .” That someone is Henry Ford and you know the success of his business, right? Today we know that it is not only about the money we have, but how to optimize it to get the best benefit.

Do you remember how much you spent on advertising in traditional media before the Internet? A fortune! And much of that money was lost in “reaching” people who simply ignored the radio, newspaper or television ad or was not part of your target audience. It was, and is, so much money that many small businesses could not even dream of paying it!

Then companies like Google arrived and proposed that we pay for the ads only if they are shown, and even better; only if the user clicks on them.

From that moment on, advertising based on Pay per Click (PPC) became the smartest way to spend that one dollar you have to invest.

I am talking about advertising that can be measured and monitored accurately. Advertising that, well configured, can generate many potential customers and grow your business!

Now tell me, who is managing your Google Adwords account? Is that person doing everything possible so that every dollar / Euro you invest has a return and you get results? Did you know that the success of your company depends on how well you do your investments?

You could manage your PPC campaigns (Pay per click, Pay per click) in Google Adwords, but if you present any of these conditions, which I detail below, it is better to leave it in the hands of others, remember that it is about optimizing your Google Adwords investment so that each click brings something to your business .

  • You don’t feel trained or you are not familiar with the variables that are handled in the Google Adwords PPC system. Learning to reach an expert level takes a lot of time and money that you don’t have at this time.
  • Time is hardly enough for you to fulfill more important obligations.
  • You are not interested or not attracted to that area of ​​business development, you do not feel passion for advertising. That usually happens and you know what they say … ” To do it without desire, you better not win .”

Discarding the possibility that you do it, given the above reasons, there are two options: o you hire full-time professionals and create an in-house marketing and advertising department , or outsource the management of the Google Adwords account .

An important fact that you should know is that, the investment you make, is divided into two great elements: what you pay to human talent (account manager, graphic designer, and other experts) for their services and what is intended for payment of the ads proper to Google. Remember that my intention, and that of GSS Webtech, is that we optimize your money, you need to know all these details to be able to consciously decide!

Let’s go into detail in the two advertising management options with Google Adwords.

Why create an in-house team ?

From what I put to you before, I know that the idea of ​​” my marketing and advertising team ” seduces you , it sounds like you have a lot of money and power. But sounding powerful will not make the business earn money, in every venture we must learn to be practical , do you agree?

Although it is not a model for everyone, if you have sufficient economic capacity, your own team within your company offers you several benefits:

  • They know your company better. Well, they work full time on it.
  • Greater efficiency in communication and in the application of changes in accounts. This is important if you have a business model that bases its advertising on offers and promotions that vary very constantly. In some cases the promotions vary daily and you need a person who is there to make the changes as soon as possible.
  • Full time. If they only work for you, they are not distracted by anything else.

So far so good! In fact, I love the idea of in-house equipment , and it would work if I lived in an ideal world where money is no problem. But, as it has its advantages, it also has several drawbacks:

  • Professionals with a lower level of experience. I am very sincere, the experts with more talent and experience in Google Adwords, or any PPC system, work independently because they can earn much more and are more free to experiment and grow. It is not that your team does not have the potential, but surely it will stay in what it knows, in what it knows, in its comfort zone.
  • The team may be short of ideas . This happens at all levels; when you are surrounded all the time with the same thing, your thinking is conditioned and you stop being so creative.
  • The costs are much higher. Having a professional as part of a legal company means having to take care of many obligations beyond your salary.
  • Professional fees can take much of the budget. If your budget is small, the monthly investment in a dedicated professional can mean a lot of money. Hiring someone for less money usually means a lower level of experience!

Why outsource and hire the PPC service?

That ” someone else does it for me ” definitely has its charm; For me the key is that you stop doing or supervising activities that are not your strength while you gain time to devote to improving your business .

Here are some benefits of outsourcing control of your Google Adwords account.

  • Expert help from a group of professionals. In general, the companies that offer these services are made up of several experts who offer you their entire career. In our case, I am truly passionate about advertising on Google!
  • Two heads think better than one. When devising new advertising plans, or improving the one you have, having several opinions or points of view is helpful.
  • Working on different projects keeps them better updated. I speak to you from my experience; Working with several clients, in several niches, gives me a more complete view of the system and how to configure it in your favor.
  • The investment in the professional is smaller. Because you don’t have it exclusively, nor is it part of your organization.
  • Specialized experience in your niche. If you find the right company, you could give your advertising campaigns an important boost.
  • The management of your company’s equipment is facilitated by being fewer departments. Less people, less responsibilities, it’s that simple!

Now, not everything is as beautiful as you think, because outsourcing can have these disadvantages:

  • The response time to changes is longer. Since they don’t work solely with you, they are governed by communication protocols that can hinder the application of changes to your Google Adwords account.
  • They divide their dedication among several projects. Although that does not mean that they will not do their job well.
  • Communication is less fluid. No doubt you will not have the changes in a few minutes, but it is still true that many companies, GSS Webtech included, have managed to optimize communication and feedback so that this impacts as little as possible.

Leave your company’s advertising in our hands!

We will squeeze the advertising of Google Adwords to the maximum so that you do not lose a single euro and a client.

When to hire a PPC company?

The hiring of an external company to manage your advertising in Google Adwords can arise from different scenarios. It may be that you have decided so from the beginning, or it may be that you want to do so now that you have already tried other models.

Here are several reasons that are common when our customers make that decision. I hope they help you out of doubt!

  • When your campaign is stagnant. It happens a lot in in-house equipment , I have explained it to you before. While working in the same niche, with the same ads, they become saturated. In this case you can hire a company. Not to replace the team, but to support him and give him new perspectives, don’t be afraid to make these kinds of decisions, they are for the benefit of your company!
  • When you have not seen result with the in-house model . It usually happens that having a team of your own is consuming a lot of resources and even so the expected results are not achieved. In that case it is valid to propose the change of model.
  • You have no money or time to grow your in-house team . Maybe your team is doing well, but advertising tasks have grown so much that they are no longer available. In that case, certain activities typical of advertising campaigns are delegated to Google Adwords such as keyword analysis.
  • You have no type to do it yourself and you have no money to bear the costs of an in-house team.
  • You don’t know how to optimize campaigns. The inexperience is always a fundamental factor to hire a company specialized in advertising, because you must optimize your resources.
  • You have lagged behind the competition. If advertising is about something, it is to have an advantage over the competition. If they have exceeded your efforts, it is time to make a change!


When is the time to change PPC Company?

Now I want to ask you another situation that happens very often and that is usually a big problem.

Finding a good company that handles Google Adwords advertising can be complicated, it’s almost like a lottery!

Many companies that outsource their advertising realize that the time has come to see other options.

For me the moment is easy to recognize: if you are evaluating doing so, it is because something is not quite right, your instinct tells you! Even so, I give you more alerts that you should consider.

  • They don’t care about conversion, but about banal metrics. You are interested in making money, right? So you’re interested in your campaign getting the best possible conversion rate; that is what determines the success of your advertising. If the company you hire puts other metrics on the conversion of users, it is probably not understanding your goals. It’s time to let her go!
  • You have no control over the account. This is not only an alert to let them go, but a call for help. As a customer you must have access to Google Adwords accounts, not only to know that the money is going to advertising, but to have data that will help you make decisions in the future. A company that does not give you all access is a company that will probably make the transition difficult.
  • They don’t allow you to see the ads or they don’t ask for your approval. Even if you can see the ads by searching on Google, the idea is to be consulted before publishing it, after all it is the image of your company that is at stake.
  • You hide data or metrics. Although, Google Adwords can give a lot of data that is not necessarily useful for the evaluation of campaigns that a company insists on showing you only the part that suits them generates distrust.
  • You are not seeing improvements. Remember, you want every Euro in your budget to be well spent. Nothing says the opposite better than an account with static statistics, that is, months go by without the conversion improving, for example.
  • They are not measuring the results properly. This goes hand in hand with the knowledge of your goals. If they know you want high conversion and retention, they shouldn’t be paying attention to other results. Worse, it often happens that what they give you as conversion data is not a reflection of reality because there is a bad configuration of the measuring instruments.
  • Your business model is confusing. When hiring an advertising company, speaking of investment, you should be very clear about two things: how much you are paying for it and how much you are investing in the ads. If they cannot explain that to you in a simple way, or the proportions are not adequate, then it is not the company for you.
  • There are no initiatives for improvements. That an account is stagnant can happen and passes. But, seeing that it does not improve, the company does not propose improvements, it is an alert to stop working with them.
  • Communication is not effective. They do not answer emails, calls, they leave you on WhatsApp, that’s what I mean. Many companies take too long to answer and when they do you are not satisfied with the answer.
  • Your account administrator changes frequently. The problem with this is that there is not a person who is evolved with your account, that is, a person who tracks you, who knows their history, their evolution.

How to properly outsource your campaign management in Adwords?

The most important thing when deciding to outsource is that you have a well defined procedure to evaluate candidates.

All part of the good communication and feedback that companies leave you when they have that first meeting. It’s like when you go out on a date, at that moment you feel if there is potential to continue or if it’s just a matter of that time.

As always I leave some points to consider:

  • Check the offer of several companies. Do not keep what one offers you, go to several appointments and then decide.
  • Meet the team and their experience. Talk to them, see what they have in common. Believe me, one can see the passion someone feels for what they do in the way they express themselves.
  • Clarify all your doubts. Do not be ashamed to be as a gift asked. That also warns them the type of customer you are going to do; One committed to your company!
  • Make your goals clear and compare them with what the company offers you. This is what I told you before the conversion rate. Verify that they understand and share what is important to you and your company.


What questions to ask when hiring a PPC company?

I know that you are going to ask thousands of questions on your own, but I am going to leave you a list of the most important ones to make a decision later. Take a questionnaire, write down the answers, record them!

  • Does the agency have experience in your type of business and can they prove it?
  • What kind of budgets have you handled?
  • Do they have experience in your niche?
  • Can you complement PPC with the rest of the advertising channels?
  • How much do they expect you to get involved in the project?
  • What are they specialized in?
  • Do they include the work of other necessary professionals, for example the designer of Landing Pages , or should you provide them?
  • Are they Google certified professionals?
  • Is your account in charge of one person or does the entire team participate?
  • What reputation does the company and its professionals have?
  • What types of resources do you provide for analysis?
  • How fluid will the communication be?
  • How long does it take to see any results?
  • What is the plan to restructure your account?
  • Can they share customer testimonials with you?
  • How are achievements measured?
  • What reports will they give you and their frequency?
  • Should you tie yourself to a contract or is it a monthly contract?
  • What are your cancellation policies?
  • Will I have 100% access to my account?
  • What do they spend the money they invest on?


Deciding a working model for Internet advertising of your business can be complex, but my mission is to make your work easier by showing you what are the most important premises for making the decision, so I leave you this summary overview.

  • Internet advertising is vital for your business and can be optimized.
  • The management of PPC systems is complex, so optimizing them requires experts.
  • The model you choose depends on the resources you have.
  • Constantly evaluate that you are achieving the work model you have selected and make changes when necessary.
  • Research well the companies that offer external services and stay with the one that best meets your expectations and those of your company.
  • Even if you are not going to manage the account, have access to it; Go learning how money is invested in advertising.


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